ATOS FRUCTUM je jedan od najvažnijih proizvodjača jabuke u Srbiji. Voćnjak na Fruškoj gori se proteže na 90 ha visoko kvalitetnog i zdravog zemljišta, na nadmosrkoj visini od 220 do 250 metara.



DEUS PORT je kompanija posvećena vrhunskoj usluzi u oblasti logisitke i distribucije svežeg voća. Sa vise od 20.000m2 skladišnog prostora, sopstvenim voznim parkom i stručnim kadrom zadovoljava potrebe najzahtevnijih klijenata.



Deus System je lider na tržitu veleprodaje papira i grafičkog repromaterijala. Razgranatom mrežom poslovnica pokriva tržišta Srbije i BIH već vise od 20 godina.



DBG is a dynamic group which has been operating in a number of areas in the territory of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for 20 years.

Its beginnings date back to 1995 and the establishment of DEUS SYSTEM which is a leading company in the paper and graphics raw materials market today.

Company’s operation was focused on paper business until 2007 when, as a result of development needs, new companies ATOS FRUCTUM and DEUS PORT were organized in order to provide new area for growth and development. During its entire operation, company saw organic growth and development. As of the beginning of 2012, a new organization structure has been put in place, aimed at providing decentralized operation and even larger flexibility.


The ability to timely identify trends, accept changes and make bold business decisions is integral to operation of all DBG companies. Being aware of the challenges imposed by the existing environment, we are open and brave in taking unconventional steps because we believe they are required for survival and development in our current business environment.


Understanding the environment and the changed circumstances in itself is not sufficient. Without a timely response, the issues are not resolved and the opportunities are not used. This is the reason why our business philosophy has implemented the “RESPOND NOW!” approach.
By our quick and timely market response, we have been able to deal with the greatest challenges and always remain one step ahead.


Flexibility and speed require a decentralized decision-making process. Our people have the necessary knowledge, as well as powers, to respond immediately. By working together, we are able to accomplish so much more. Synergy resulting from teamwork is a priceless resource that we foster and advance on a daily basis.


“Keeping the current position in paper business and further growth and development of ATOS FRUCTUM and DEUS PORT companies”

The process of business diversification is continued by shifting the focus and activities to the segment of health food production and distribution.
New projects and investments are aimed at providing new areas for future business success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development should satisfy the needs imposed by modern times, but not to the detriment of the generations to come. Today, we are still far from reaching this goal.

The role of the private sector is particularly significant, because it offers innovations, investments and professionalism. In association with government authorities, non-governmental organizations and local communities, private sector can help address the challenges all of us are facing.

We at Deus Business Group strive to make our own contribution to sustainable development. Since we owe a part of our business success to nature, we feel the need and responsibility to give back to the nature through a number of activities.

Local community is an important partner in our business, while the people working in DBG companies represent our greatest resource. We feel the need to take part in the improvement of living conditions in the areas where we operate, so that all members of the community could feel the benefits of our presence and share the joy of our success.


Stražilovska br.7 Dobanovci, 11272 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 11 304 1100/304 1154/304 1143